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Bridging Worlds
Circles are the meaning of life that are continually constant. These four circles represent: Data, Innovation, Traditional Knowledge and Collaboration.
These sections are connected and interwoven with lines to one another which symbolise data passing and the sharing of information from one another.
As people gather together they brainstorm and communicate their knowledge through an exchange of energy.


Indigenous Australian Datathon

3-5 November 2023, Australia

The Indigenous Australian Datathon is a 2-day event held in Cairns that will bring together a diverse group of data professionals, indigenous communities and students to explore digital and data-driven solutions to solve real-world indigenous community challenges in Australia.

The purpose of the event is to share and educate participants and partners on traditional and digital technologies.

It is a great opportunity to understand traditional techniques, culture and stories shared by our traditional owner and First Nations participants. In return, technical experts will be able to share their own knowledge on digital applications and innovations to collaborate on ways the teams can translate this knowledge back into the community.

Throughout the datathon, participants will work within groups to create and pitch a solution, using one of the data-sets provided, along the way meet industry mentors, community members, fellow participants and some all-round amazing people.

This event will educate and train participants in handling data and developing tools that solve real world problems, as well as creating connections and foster collaborative engagement with technologists, students and traditional owners.

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