We recognize how precious Mother Earth is and that every living thing is

connected. We hold the belief that all things of nature and life are our

equal and, in doing so we realise our sacred place on our journey through


Our country is made up of many colours and hues that depict the land and

our waterways.

They represent the importance of our elders and the many generations

that have passed on and those that are still with us today.

Our Elders are the storytellers and knowledge lore keepers of the land.

They taught us how to fire burn, recognise weather patterns and read the

seas. By watching and learning from our knowledge keepers we are able

to survive on what the land provides.

Our Elders, continue to look over the vast and varying landscapes

protecting us and guiding us from within.

We believe that, as we walk on this earth we shall return to it and be

united as one.

Our diverse cultural stories of the past and a map for those that are to

come in the future.

Nyall youndoo Jinna la galing

(Happy journeys and safe travels)