In 2019 Jedess was commission by the Federal Courts of Australia to develop a signature piece of artwork that could be utilised for their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 


Life’s Connection

This painting represents our people from the Reef, Rainforest and Savannah region. The lines of these colours show the vibrant paths they take as they travel across the land connecting us to one another in this area. 

Circles are the meaning of life, protection and bond that are continually constant. This reflects our strong support network within our family and friends.

The symbols around the centre depict males and females coming together into a yarning circle - a place of communication and hope. This is also evident in our aspirations for our community, relationships and dreams.

The circles surround different aspects of the painting and reinforce love and support. The dots and travelling lines represent families as they flow and interconnect along their individual paths, finding their way. They also show the people who have crossed their lives — past, present and future.

To be inspired by others success and determination in all aspects of their lives. Be the one that helps when you see a need. True reconciliation is acceptance of all people’s differences and encouragement of personal journeys, this brings fulfillment to oneself and to others.

All qualities that we hope to receive and give in all aspects of our life’s journeys.

Yundu Mai Jinna la galing

(Happy journeys and safe travels)