Healing Spirit Hands (Gubi-Wawu-Murra)
Language: Ewamian/Badun


“May the warm winds of spirit blow gently on us,
and may the great spirits bless all who enter our sacred healing space.
May your feet make happy tracks on country,
and may the colours of the land always touch your soul.”


The diverse colours of our region include the Reef, Rainforest and Savannah which makes up the vibrant Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service footprint. This painting represents the main areas that comprise our health service Mossman & Daintree, Tablelands, Western Savannah, Cassowary Coast and Cairns.

These five hubs are depicted within the artwork as healing circles. They reflect our family connection, kinships and friends that support us on our individual journey back to a healthy spirit and wellbeing. Our healthcare network continuously strives to connect and engage with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and the wider community in a culturally safe environment.

The symbols around the circles depict males and females coming together into yarning circles a place of communication and hope. This is also evident in our relationships and our compassion as it reflects the importance of family.


The white travelling lines connects our five hubs togethers covering the many clans and the country of Far North Queensland. The dots represent the many people that come in and out of the health service — past, present and future.


These qualities represented throughout the artwork are what we expect to receive and give at your healing place that is the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital Health service reach as you are on your life journey.



Jedess Hudson

Nyall youndoo Jinna la galing

(Happy journeys and safe travels)