In 2020 Jedess and David Hudson (Her Father) were commissioned by Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) to develop a feature piece for the year of Indigenous Tourism. 


Ancient Stories of our Land 

Far North Queensland is home to some of the most beautiful and natural wonders of the world. As you walk this land and explore the Reef, Rainforest and Savannah/Outback let the earth open up and share with you the stories it holds. 

The dots and lines throughout represent our forebears, their energy and spirit that lives within us. They were the storytellers and knowledge lore keepers of the land. They taught us how to fire burn, recognise weather patterns and read the seas. By watching and learning from our knowledge keepers we are able to survive on what the land provides, only taking what we need and “Caring for Country” in a sustainable way.

The animal tracks show the many creatures great and small who are iconic to each region. By watching and listening to these animals throughout the seasons, our people continue to gain knowledge and watch how they interact with the land. These animals are also our totems, our spirit animals and we mimic their sound and actions through song and dance.

The patterns of the sea show the intricate details that make up the coral shape cays. The shield in which we are famous for shows strength, power and protection. The boomerangs symbolize people travelling from all different directions returning to each location. Footprints show your pathways - walking and returning in all directions North East South and West. The dilly bag in the rainforest shows the intricate fibre art form and utilises the natural materials from cabbage and black palm leaves. The dilly bag weaving signifies people coming together as one. 

Let’s walk as one, as we show you all the ‘Ancient Stories of our Land’ 

keeping our great culture alive