In 2020 I was awarded a Prime Minister and Cabinet - Office for Women scholarship for mentoring and education. 90 women from around Australia were selected to participate in this business mentoring program over a year.

I was fortunate enough to be partnered with Jennifer McCloy during my mentoring journey.
Jen brought to the table her expertise around her fashion label Jennifer Kate while also being the  CEO & Founder SidelinesDr.

Jens experience as a leader in business has been invaluable to my journey and a truly transformational experience.

Our mentoring sessions were at least once a week for an hour or so to discuss all of the projects and workload I had going on. She helped me prioritise what I needed to do and kept me accountable in actually doing the work!

It helped me be better in business and grow as a person. From this experience she gave me the confidence to take the leap and finish up with my fulltime job and be self employed as an Artist.

After our mentorship journey finished after a year, Jen graciously wanted to keep in touch and stay on as a mentor for me longterm.