Basalt Bubbles



"Madha" Basalt Bubbles (white)

Basalt Rock is from our dormant volcanos featuring dried lava. It is “vesicular” – meaning full of holes.

Basalt with holes is from the top sections (the fizzy part is like soda) that has exploded.

Solid basalt rock still lies beneath this and comes more from the volcanic core. The various colours reflect the varied stone colours throughout Country.

We prefer to use Basalt Rock in a 'Banga' to cook minya (food) in the ground.

Colour Variations

If you like the design but would like to discuss this being available in another colour option please reach out so we can discuss your project further to see what will fit best.


To enquire about licensing this design for your project please email

Artwork Information

Included Files:

  • High resolution JPEG
  • Please specify if artwork is required in CMYK or RGB format.
  • Artwork Size:
    32 x 32 cm
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Repeatable:
    In a repeatable seamless Tile