The Guardian 

Once upon a time, in a lush rainforest in Australia, there lived a magnificent cassowary named the Guardian. He was not an ordinary cassowary, but a rare and unique bird that possessed a remarkable power to protect the forest and its inhabitants from any danger.

The Guardian had strong legs and a sharp beak, which he used to defend his territory against predators and trespassers. He was also blessed with a beautiful set of feathers that shone brightly under the sunlight, making him stand out from the other birds in the forest.

The Guardian took his duty of protecting the forest very seriously. Every day, keeping a watchful eye for any potential threats. He also made sure that no one littered or disturbed the natural beauty of the area.

Within our culture Cassowaries are highly valued and respected, especially in the Wet Tropics and Cape York area. 


They have sustainably managed the rainforest for thousands of years for their ongoing role in dispersing new fruit and new trees across the land.


“Guardy’s” helmet faces North as he travels. With 4 circles painted to represent the seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. And our directions of North, South, East and West. 


One side of Guardy features the cool colours of the East and night sky. With his other side showing the warmth of the outback colours facing West.  


60 dots trail down his back as that is the average lifespan of a Cassowary in the wild.