In 2021 Jedess was commissioned by Queensland Health: First Nations COVID-19 - Make the Choice Campaign (2021) to develop a signature piece of digital artwork that was able to be transformed on a various range of communication products. 

This piece of artwork has been utilised throughout Queensland. 


Our New World Together 

The Our New World Together artwork was created by Jedess Hudson, a descendant from the Ewamian and Western Yalanji people of North Queensland, and commissioned by Queensland Health, with support from the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council and the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health.

“Known as the sunshine state, what makes this place unique is its vibrant locations, the rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture it reflects and its embodiment of our strong connection to the land and sea.

A cornerstone of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is the ability to connect with one another; locally, nationally and internationally.

Protecting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities is our number one priority. This artwork is broken up into different sections which shows the complexities and challenges COVID-19 brings into our daily lives.It shows the travelling lines as good information is shared as we make our way to different communities, rural and remote. These conversational yarns along the way, allow our mob to ask questions, stay informed and to understand and respect concerns they have.

The COVID-19 molecule front and center shows the focal point and the particles around it. It also reminds us of the milky way, something we all share together when we look up to the sky and navigate through life today.

Circles throughout the artwork are the meaning of life that are continually constant. They will change in shape and grow as our thoughts evolve with new information we receive along the way.

These yarning circles also provide a place of communication and hope. This is also evident in our relationships, our compassion and it reflects the importance of family, strength, protection and power. Lines crossing over shows the two cultures’ and their traditional art practices of weaving with coconut and black palm leaves. Weaving also signifies people, song and place and coming together as one.

Symbols of feathers show reference to our totems, their energy and spirit. And the male dhari headdress. And also Pearl shells are still today an important cultural practice.

The trees and their roots show both cultures strong and proud. As its roots draw deep from freshwater and saltwater which are the sources of life and replenishes and renourishes our healing places.

The dots throughout show our communities coming together that make up our diverse and respected community members such as: elders past, present and emerging.

This artwork shows the journey we face and the long road we have together.

Make the choice that’s right for you, your family and your mob. 


Media Statement by Queensland Government 


This is a photo of Jedess Hudson with Jeanette Young and The Honourable Yvette D'Ath
Make the Choice Campaign Project by Jedess Hudson
Make the Choice Campaign by Jedess Hudson