This painting captures the essence of a student's transformative journey throughout the years.

Over the course of our school education they will discover who they are and who they are destined to be.

Each year we share the excitement of students with a fresh start. New beginnings and the hope to flourish and truly grow.

These subtle and major changes are the core foundations that shape our minds as we share this learning experience with our peers, bonding as a collective as we face this season of life together.

The vivid shades of green symbolise the vibrant growth of knowledge and the lush tropical landscape our school is nestled in. The nurturing environment and the power of education to shape individuals and our communities.

Symbology paired with intricate patterns that showcase their expanding knowledge and perspectives. The background is a culmination of foundational elements from previous years, representing the wisdom gained over time.

In our schooling years we face incredible challenges. Balancing our family, friendships and academic pursuits. These challenges are ultimately a test of our character as these situations shape us for the next phase of our lives. Friends and mentors surround students to celebrate the achievements knowing they were a small piece in your stepping stone through life


Nyall youndoo Jinna la galing

(Happy journeys and safe travels)

Jedess Hudson