Crystalbrook Bailey was delighted to welcome Jedess Hudson and David Hudson to Crystalbrook Bailey as our April – May feature artists for 2022.

Ancient Voices – New Beginnings is a diverse mix of David’s traditional storytelling style with Jedess’ contemporary perspective. This collaborative exhibition combines ancient artforms with modern ideas, the passing down of the baton between father and sun. Jedess takes ancient stories into modern contexts, her passion for art passed down between generations, her love for her work paying homage to taught experiences and familiar ties. These curated pieces are a reflection of their Ewamian and Western Yalanji country, representing diverse landscapes, Country and the Savannah. Using a mix of individual and blended art pieces, Ancient Voices – New Beginnings is an insight into how their diverse cultural creative ideas meet, blend and flourish. Exploring new styles and techniques over the past year, Jedess and David are excited to release this collaboration into the world.

Exhibition Opening Night: 8 April 2022 Welcome to Country, ‘In conversation’ artist talk with Jedess and David Hudson in the lobby at Crystalbrook Bailey.