Another CIAF for 2023 done. My 7th year being part of it.

Some behind the scenes stuff this year I had a double booth= double trouble!
The challenge to fill it up with new and exciting things.

Over the past year created and launched my first fashion collection under the label “Jedindi” to showcase the first collection titled Bijarril: To Dream. With Mum sewing it all.

Prepping for Darwin Fashion as well.

Not sure who’s stupid idea it was to have a double booth AND do the fashion show 🙃🤔 think it’s just one or the other going forward 😂.

There’s nothing quite like the lead up to CIAF. Preparing, packing, painting, bumping in, yarning, long days, bumping out and the house in chaos.

Chuck in winning Indigenous Business Woman of the year awards 🤩

It’s a big few days but is really a years work showcase. And although only an annual event for many who creatively contribute each year feel how culturally exhausting it is to be constantly coming up with ideas.

Time to have a rest, for a week or so…